Best Things To Do In North East Wales

I’m Arshit Yadav and today I’ll tell you about North East Wales. I’m going to share with you the must see and must do things in this remarkable, historical,cultural and beautiful part of the world.

1. Canals In Llangollen,Wales

Canals In Llangollen

We start our journey and must do things looking at the waterways and the canals in Llangollen. They are a masterpiece of engineering built by two remarkable gentlemen Thomas Telford and William Jessop.

They created a network of canals which enabled the Industrial Revolution to happen in this part of the world as it brought raw materials and then was able to take away mass-produced goods.

2. Pontcysllte Aqueduct,Wales

Pontcysllte Aqueduct

The highlight is the World Heritage Site which is the aqueduct of Pontcysllte. Its the worlds highest navigatable aqueduct. This magnificent ribbon of water through the air is over 120 feet above the River Dee, and came into service in 1805.

It is very popular for sailing canal barges over and walking across – but you do need a head for heights because its very high up. But it is a magnificent structure. An absolute must must do.

3. Horseshoe Falls,Wales

Horseshoe Falls

The next key site which is linked to the canals is the Horseshoe Falls. This was a structure that was created to help divert water from the River Dee into the canals. Its a great place to go, especially in summer.

The other thing I recommend linked to the canals is an institution that s been going for over 130 years, and that’s back in Llangollen. The horse-drawn canal boat tours.

You can go on tours which lasts just 45 minutes,you can go on tours which will take you to the Horseshoe Falls which lasts two hours, and even get a motorized trips from here which will take you right to the aqueduct travel over the aqueduct and head back by bus.

4. The Llangollen Steam Railway

The Llangollen Steam Railway

The canals were extremely successful but they were decimated with the introduction of the railway. Now there’s a great heritage railway known as the Llangollen Steam Railway. The original train line came into service in the 1860s. It eventually closed down in 1965.

Some volunteers gathered together and in 1975 they started running a small section of the track. The full track which is now 10 miles which runs between Llangollen and Corwen only really came into full service in 1990s. There are five stops along the way including the starting and ending point.

One thing I recommend is, you can also book to have cream tea on board or you can actually book a picnic which you collect at the station and have on board. Its really great fun. Make sure that you sit on the platform side when you leave the main station because all the great scenery is on that side.

My next tip is, as we head towards the sea, is explore some of the castles and stately homes on your way to the coast. First of all I’m going to recommend that you go to (as its pretty magnificent and quite near Llangollen) is Erddig.

It was lived in by the Yorke family for over 250 years and was handed over to the National Trust in the 1970s. This is one of the biggest collections of furniture, artifacts and memorabilia for many family of any National Trust property. It is packed and jammed full with original furniture, paintings, photographs and artifacts.

5. Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle

Probably one of the most impressive places to visit is Chirk Castle. It was originally built by the English to help reinforce and keep control over the Welsh. It was actually lived in by the Myddleton family for over 450 years, with a short break between the world wars when they leased it out.

Inside the castle again is a massive collection of furniture fixtures and artifacts and, of course,like so many stately homes and castles it is a National Trust property.

6. Bodelwyddan Castle

Bodelwyddan Castle

About an hour from Llangollen is the next stop as you head towards the coast and this is Bodelwyddan, which from after the First World War right up to the 1980s it operated as a private girls school.

Once the school closed down, the council took it over and has spent time reconstructing it and bringing in a large collection of artwork by Welsh artists. It is a great stop on your way towards the coast.

7. Prestatyn Beach

Prestatyn Beach

So after exploring the waterways and the steam trains and then heading on and looking at all the beautiful castles and stately homes, I recommend you head towards the beautiful beaches of Prestatyn. These are three beaches that are over five miles long.

Three big sandy beaches. The tide goes out really really far and you can walk for ages before you get to the water! People go there they build sandcastles,because a nice sandy beach, they go cycling, they go walking, they go running.It really is a great place to go.

In North East Wales there is a huge amount to do. Of course all around you is incredible landscape and scenery. So if you’re into walking and cycling there are plenty of spaces, plenty of open spaces and beautiful scenery to just head out on walks – and even all of the stately homes and the castles have walking routes that you can head off out on.

So there’s huge amounts of activities within the whole North East Wales area, but for me my passion is culture, its transportation, its stately homes and I found a huge amount to do.

I hope you found that helpful and interesting. Id love it if you did if you read many more of All About Travel blogs which are designed to help you make much more of your precious travel time and money on both land and at sea. Read more interesting travel blogs Click here.

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