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I’m going to tell you about one of the largest and longest established river cruising companies in the world. This is Arshit Yadav and this is All About Travel. I’m going to talk about Croisi Europe, probably the biggest secret in river cruising across Europe. It is a family-run company founded over 42 years ago,and has been pioneering and sailing the rivers around the world since then.

Although they’ve been working with tour companies and agents in places like the UK and the USA for over 15 years, they still are not that well known amongst travelers in those countries. And I think that needs to change.

So I’m going to tell you five things that I think make them unique and different in river cruising. First of all Croisi Europe offer an enormous choice of cruising options.

They sail in pretty much all of the main rivers that you would expect in Europe,including the Rhine, the Danube, the Rhone, the Seine and the Douro. But they alsocruise on smaller and less busy ones, including the Loire, the Elbe and Spains Garonne and Guadalquivir, in Russia the Volga, in Asia the Mekong, in South Africa Kariba Lake and the Chobe River.

There’s also a wide range of different cruise ship types. They have the classic river cruising ship, both standard and premium ships, and these handle up to about 150 passengers. You then have the smaller and unique paddle wheel ships that sail on the Loire and the Elbe, and they handle up to about a hundred passengers.

They also have barges in France carrying 22 guests.You have the three-tier ships that go on the Mekong, which have about 60 passengers. The very small Africa Safari ship which holds 16 passengers and then there’s even a 200-passenger boutique cruise ship that cruises along the Adriatic and the Mediterranean coasts.

Another feature is a whole range of different cruise experiences and themed cruises. So for example some of these include themed cruises around big events such as the Venice Carnival, they have family cruises during the summer holidays, there’s biking and boat cruises,there’s hiking cruisers, there’s also a series of gourmet and wine cruises, the seasonal Christmas markets and New Years Eve celebration cruises. And they’re constantly innovating and bringing on board new ships and new rivers and new destinations.

The second thing that’s very important about Croisi Europe, in my view, is they offer incredible value for money.So if you’ve wanted to go river cruising but you’re concerned about the price of river cruising, I strongly recommend you take a look at Croisi Europe.

Their fares are largely all-inclusive, so the fare you pay will include all your accommodation, you get three meals a day, you’ll also get house and non premium wine and beer and spirits and also soft drinks served at your meal and also at the bar throughout the day and into the evening.

There’s 24-hour tea and coffee making available on board and Wi-Fi. Gratuities are completely voluntary and they’re not included in the fare and they’re not auto added. They also sell cruise only fares, so that means that you can then by yourself or working with your agent find the most cost effective or efficient way of getting to and from the ship.

When it comes to excursions: if you book your cruise in the United States of America then the fares are designed to include all excursions. If you booked in other countries, such as the UK, excursions are optional. So they’re not built into the fare and it gives you the opportunity of either buying a package of excursions or choosing to buy individual ones once you’re on board – or of course just self touring.

The other thing they’re doing to try and improve value, particularly for solo travellers, is to put single cabins onto their boats. So as they upgrade ships and they add new ships they try to include some solo cabins. Now many of the well-known cruise lines largely advertise to and attract english-speaking passengers.

The on board experience and the whole cruising experience is very much centered around that. But the great thing about Croisi Europe is it is much more international. So on board you’re going to find lots of different people from lots of different countries.

On board experience is designed tocater for a multilingual multicultural passengers, so you’ll find on board everything is done in multiple languages. You’ll find excursions are run based on the language groupings on board.

Personally I’ve found that Croisi Europeriver cruising experience is really quite refreshing, because it has a very international feel to it. I got to meet lots of people from lots of different countries. Because this is a French owned company, and its roots are in France, the food reflects this. There is a real passion in all of the food to bring out the Freshness and the French heritage and expertise in food.

Now on board breakfast will be a buffet but both lunch and dinner are three to five course meals. They focus on the very best of French cuisine mixed in with local specialities, based on the region that you’re sailing through. They have two key excursion types. have the classic excursions and whats known as the discovery excursions.

The classic tours are much more traditional river cruising style tours. They’re very focused on arts, history and culture. Many of them are walking tours and will take you to see the must-see sights and attractions. For those of you who are perhaps more adventurous or perhaps have been to some of the places before, are the Discovery Tours.

These are designed to be much more active and let you try some very different things. So for example they could involve biking tours or they could involve helicopter sightseeing. As you can see there’s a lot to Croisi Europe.

Huge amounts of choice,lots of destinations, different cruise types, lots of experiences, food is inspired and driven by the roots of the company which is in France, you’re going to have a much more international on board experience, great choice of excursions both classic and discovery excursions.

If you’re looking to go on a river cruise take a look at Croisi Europe, because in addition to all of those things you like to find it offers great value for money . I hope you found that helpful and its made Croisi Europe much less of a secretive river cruising and a river cruising company that you really want to travel.

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