How to get ready for ocean trips

Hey, cruisers by now you’ve heard the news the All About Travel family is setting sail on Royal Princess very soon and as part of our medallion class cruise experience, we need to get ocean ready never fear though, getting ocean ready is a simple three-step process that will quickly prepare you for your medallion class princess cruise and ensure that you breeze through boarding on embarkation. Day rather than telling you how it works was going to show you before we do let’s clarify what medallion class cruising is and what your medallion does ocean medallion is a wearable device that elevates your princess cruise vacation on-demand food and drinks interactive gaming custom entertainment and smart navigation medallion just makes cruising simpler and more personal so how does it work medallion holds your unique digital identity and communicates with thousands of readers onboard and import with noon/off switch men you are charging needs you use it to make payments unlock your stateroom door and speed up and embarkation it also lets the crew see information that they can use to serve you better you can wear your medallion as a wristband pendant clip or simply keep it in your pocket or bag it doesn’t cost extra money and if you live in u.s. it can be shipped to you before your cruise so that’s what it is here’s how you get ocean ready before your cruise once you’ve booked your medallion class cruise step one is to complete your mandatory immigration information on the princess website in the cruise personalizer just like you would normally do you’ll enter your travel documents assign an emergency contact and enter your credit card number for your onboard account now step two is to download the medallion class app in the.

App Store or on Google Play you can access all digital experiences using the single medallion class app for example youll use it to check-in at the portthen once onboard you can use it to locate your travel companions enjoyon-demand service play interactive and open your stateroom door Im notsure what the gaming thing is all about but the odds are good that jr. will loveit the last step is to scan your traveldocuments upload your profile and security photos and choose your ocean medallion accessories using the medallion class app once you download the app we suggest you start by using the quick access option you just enteryour booking number and then voila youre in once you see your bookingjust follow the circles to complete each step once you complete a step the circlewill turn green once youve completed all the steps the halo around your name will appear green and youll know youre completely ocean ready then its time toorder your medallion accessories which are optional but thats the fun partright princess will send you a complimentary lanyard if you dont wishto buy a clip a bracelet a sport band or a special occasion lanyard or even apendant but Ive gotta admit it was super fun to shop for the accessories inour family we all chose sports bands – pink and the boys went with black in their corresponding sizes once your accessories are ordered youreall set thats all you need to do for now if youre a u.s. resident, you can now have your medallion shipped to your home as long as you confirm your shipping information at least 12 days before the start of your princess vacation once we receive our medallion in the mail well be sure to unbox it and share that experience with you and answer some frequently asked questions about the medallion you’ll also see how it works first hand in our vlogs from our upcoming royal princess cruise so stay tuned and be sure to follow us here on YouTube and on Instagram and Facebook for lots of medallion updates.

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