Must have these 13 gifts items for cruise lovers

Hi I’m Arshit Yadav and this is another of my All About Travel. In this episode I’m going to give you 12 fantastic gifts that you can give someone who loves, or is going, cruising – whether its their first cruise, a special event or perhaps for a birthday or Christmas.

Surprise gifts

First one I would suggest is why not buy them something that gets delivered to them in their cabin as a surprise. Most cruise lines have a special store where you can go online and order something to be delivered. It could be chocolate dipped strawberries,on board credit or some credit towards photography or excursions. All you have to do is once you know what cruise line they’re on, and the date they’re going, just go to the particular cruise line and look for their gift page and you can pre-order items and it gets delivered to their cabin as a nice surprise.

Prepaid debit or credit card

A second great idea is to give them a prepaid debit or credit card with the currency of the place they’re visiting. So, if they go to the Caribbean get dollars or perhaps euros if they’re heading to Europe. Then once they get on to land they can use that to buy hop on hop off bus,souvenirs or go and eat something. That’s a nice flexible gift that you can give them. You can get prepaid currency cards at most banks or post offices or you can order them online.

Luggage tags

Another great tip is luggage tags. There’s some really great ones specifically designed for cruisers. Your friends basically print out their luggage tags and slide them into these little plastic folders. It also means they don’t have to carry things like staples or sellotape to then attach the luggage labels. Perhaps they’ve flown somewhere and they’re very easy to apply, they’re strong and stable and they’re not very expensive – and they’re a great gift. Whenever I’ve seen people using these tags, people have always asked them where they’ve got them from, so this is a great gift and its relatively inexpensive.


Now,some people love them and some people hate them, but whenever you go on a cruise you’ll see lots of people wearing a lanyard where they put their cruise card in. The cruise card, of course, is your security pass to get on and off the ship, its your door key and also its the card that you use to pay for and buy things on board the ship. A lot of people don’t want to carry them with them and there is the danger that if they get next to your mobile phone they can be demagnetized. So, people like to wear lanyards when on a cruise.

One of the things you can therefore is buy your friends or family a lanyard. You can give very simple ones or very glitzy and extravagant ones. When it comes to electronics there are great series of gifts that I recommend. One of which is to buy an adapter, ideally one of these multi-purpose adapters. Most cruise ships either have a USA two prong or a European two hole type adapter, so its really great to have some sort of adapter so no matter where they’re traveling from and no matter what ship or configuration they have they’re able to plug in their electronic devices.

Extension socket plug

One of those multi-purpose ones where you can adapt it for whether its USA or European or whatever plug. It is a great idea nowadays as people have lots of devices,multiple phones, cameras and tablets to be charged and there often are not enough plugs, so one of the great gifts to give is a extension cable which has multiple plugs.

USB adapters

One of the great things to do is to choose one of them that has USB adapters because nowadays you can charge many things like phones and even some cameras and other devices with a USB charger. So, that’s another great gift to give.


Another fun thing to give if people are heading off on a cruise to the sunshine are clips which hold towels onto recliners and lounges. They’re great to use on a ship because obviously it is windy on sea days and also when people are out on the beach in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean and lots of people swear by them and love them. You can buy lots of different types with fun shapes or just simple ones.


Another fun thing to do is to buy people a t-shirt. You can often personalize t-shirts and there’s lots of different sites that you can go on and do a personalized cruise t-shirt, particularly if there’s a group or a whole family traveling and you want to give them the same shirt. So, maybe buy them a nice t-shirt with a cruise theme and there’s a whole range of different places you can go and buy them and personalise them.

Waterproof Bag

One of the gifts that I would love to be given but ended up having to buy myself is a bag for going on excursions, but not any particular type of bag. If people are going on a cruise which you know is going to involve them going to the beach or pool, one of things obviously if you go swimming is you worry about leaving valuables on the beach when you head into the sea or you jump into the pool.

One thing that you could buy is, and again its relatively inexpensive, are waterproof bags. These are small discreet bags which will hold enough things like money and for a couple of phones and they’re completely waterproof. So when people go swimming they can just take that little bag with them and go swimming and it doesn’t get in the way when they’re swimming, and they can have a great time and not worry about leaving valuables up on the beach.


A popular gift for cruisers is to buy walkie-talkies. Cruise ships are huge and particularly when traveling with kids,friends or family one way of staying in touch is by walkie-talkie. They’re relatively inexpensive and you get sets of them and then once people are on a cruise they can keep in touch with each other, make arrangements,catch up or just check where each other. Many of these walkie-talkies will work on even very large ships, so they are a great choice.When on a cruise you will see lots of people using walkie-talkies to keep in touch.

Brita water filter

Another popular gift, which a lot of people have suggested to me before, is to buy a Brita water filter. That way when people are going on land or if they don’t like the taste of the water on a cruise ship, they can filter it and carry with them where ever they go like to the gym or on excursions. It also saves money in terms of buying bottled water.

Little clock with a low light

One things I like to travel with, and I think its a great gift ,is a little clock with a low light to look at the time at night. One of things you do if you're in a cabin,whether its an inside cabin or balcony, if you get up in the night to go to the bathroom and you wonder what time it is, if you use your phone it is very bright and can disturb whoever you're sharing a cabin with.The advantage of these little clocks with relatively low light is you can just touch them and it tells you the time and it gives you enough light to see your way to the bathroom but doesn’t actually light up the whole room.Its a great alternative of course to using your phone.

Guide book

If your friends or family are the type that like to go self exploring or quite inquisitive, one of things that I strongly recommend you do is buy them a guide book. Of course on cruise ships there maybe talks or lectures or things where they help people understand the ports, but nothing beats a great guide. You get guides covering whole regions, so you can get a guide to cruising the Caribbean, river cruising or perhaps cruising the Mediterranean.

If none of those 13 gifts appeal and you’re still looking for something, I have another suggestion. Why not give them my book which is the Cruise Travelers Handbook. Its available either as an e-book or a paperback book and covers all types of cruising, and is packed full of loads of cruising tips. So, that’s another great suggestion and again links are in the notes below. All of these are things that I know people love and use on a cruise.

So if you’re looking for great gift ideas, please consider those. If you have any other suggestions about great gifts for cruises, please leave them in the comments and help other people if they are still looking for great gifts to give to cruiser. As always if you found this helpful, please read many more of my cruise travel blogs because they’re to help you make much more of your precious travel time and money. For more cruise travel tips and tips click here. Thanks

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