In this blog you’re going to learn how to get an a cabin upgrade on your next cruise. Im Arshit yadav and this is All About Travel. I’m going to share with you 10 tips and 10 ways that you can get a cabin upgrade on your next cruise.

1. Choose a slow time of the year

The first thing is you need to choose a slow time of the year. If you are on a cruise that’s completely full, you’re never going to get an upgrade. So what you need to do is to choose times of the year where there is the greatest chance that the ship will not be full, so things like repositioning cruises, at the beginning and the end of the Caribbean season, beginning and the end of the Mediterranean season. And you should also therefore focus on ports that are very busy so for example Miami and Fort Lauderdale where there’s lots of ships sailing all the time off to the Caribbean where there’s lots of capacity.

If the ship is 100 percent full there’s going to be no chance of an upgrade, so you need to focus on ships that are not likely to be full because that’s going to increase your chance of getting an upgrade.

2. Look out for upgrade promotions

The second thing to do is to look out for upgrade promotions.Many cruise lines will offer different promotions, particularly again on those slower cruises and slower times of the year, where you pay for a certain cabin and you’ll get the next cabin above. So you might buy an ocean view cabin and you’ll get a balcony cabin. You might buy a balcony cabin and get a suite. The way to really know whats happening with those is either talk to your cruise agent or travel agent and find out when those promotions are.

Or look on the internet to know when they are and sign up for the different cruise lines email newsletters, because you’ll find they will push out those various promotions there as well. That is going to maximize and guarantee your chance of getting an upgrade while still playing a lower price for a lower grade of cabin.

3. Track the price

The third thing to do, and this is the one that works the best for me, is once you’ve booked your cruise track the price. Keep checking and watching for the particular type of cabin you’ve booked what the current pricing is. If the prices go down, the cruise line is unlikely to tell you so all you do is get hold of the cruise line, or if you book through a travel agent, get hold of your travel agent and point out that you notice that a higher-grade is now selling at the same price you paid for the lower grade – and ask to be upgraded to that new cabin.

I’ve had some great upgrades because I like to generally book early and choose my cabin, and I then monitor the price and if the prices go down I’ve got hold of the cruise line and I have been upgraded to a better cabin. Keep watching the price that you paid, particularly if you are one of those people that booked early ( if you booked late you’re less likely to find that happen).

4. Auto upgrade

The fourth thing, which is very similar to that, is most cruise lines will give you an opportunity of accepting an auto upgrade. So if you’ve ticked that box when you’ve booked or you’ve told your travel agent then the cruise line knows if space has become available, there is a chance that you’ll be upgraded.

These particularly happen if you’re in a grade that is very popular and at the lower end, so for example you’ve got an inside cabin or you’ve got an ocean view cabin or sometimes even you’ve got a balcony cabin, those are the ones that tend to sell fast and so if the cruise line is finding that they can manage to sell those easily but they have some suites or balconies or the category above you is free, there is a chance that if you accept an auto upgrade that you’ll be one of the people they move to the higher level because they can then sell your cabin again to somebody else.

5. Booking a guaranteed cabin

The fifth thing to do is to consider booking a guaranteed cabin. Basically what a guaranteed cabin, sometimes called a To Be Assigned cabin, if you choose a particular grade like an inside, ocean view or balcony suite but you don’t choose a particular cabin.The great thing is if they start to sell a lot of cabins at your particular grade, like people want to book a balcony cabin and want a very specific cabin, the great thing about accepting a guaranteed cabin is if they sell out all of the cabins to people who want to nominate a specific cabin then there is a chance that the guaranteed cabin people will be moved up a level. It is very important therefore that if you do that, you book early because they’re also likely to look at who booked those guaranteed cabins early on and move those up first.

So if it is a guaranteed cabin, particularly if its a popular price level, y you have a chance of being upgraded. Of course another way of getting an upgrade is to pay for an upgrade. You sometimes find very close to the cruise if you talk to your travel agent and ask if there any offers going for a relatively low price to upgrade especially if you’re going to a higher grade cabin,they can often sell the cheaper cabins much easier than they can sell suites or balcony cabins and bigger cabins. Also when you check in for your cruise, ask them is there are any upgrade offers available because there is a chance that you will be able to pay a small amount (much less than you would normally pay) and get an upgrade.

6. Book through a travel agent

The sixth thing to do is book through a travel agent. Let the travel agent know that you’re interested in upgrades,whether its free upgrades or even if there are offers going that you’ll consider looking at the price. Many agents that have strong relationships with Cruise Lines and might hear about deals and offers or they’re looking to upgrade people because they want to sell cheaper cabins. Also its important as some travel agents actually guarantee to sell a certain amount of Suites,balconies, ocean view and inside cabins so they may also within the inventory that they’ve got have the ability to move people up a grade because they know they can sell some of the cheaper cabins rather than the more expensive cabins. Work with your travel agent and let them know you’re open to upgrades and they may be able to do something for you.

7. If you have a special event don’t consider travel agent

My seventh tip is if you have a special event like a 50th wedding anniversary,you’re on your honeymoon or even a significant birthday then let it be know neither through your travel agent, when you’re checking in or even on board then let them know that you’re going for a very specific event, because there is a chance that if the Cruise Line knows that they will upgrade you. When I was on my honeymoon, we had booked the cruise as part of our honeymoon and our travel agent knew it and we got a fantastic upgrade.

8. Wait for second day

My eighth tip is once you’re on board wait to the second day of the cruise early on the morning on the second day go and ask about upgrades, because at that point even if the ship was supposed to be full, there is a chance that some people didn’t board the ship for whatever reason (no-shows) and there may be a couple of cabins in a higher grade going.You may have to pay to upgrade but at that point of time they may be more than willing to accept a relatively small amount to upgrade people to the next level. Try to speak to someone senior behind the desk or even to the hotel manager. Of course if there’s a sign on the desk saying that the ship is 100 percent full then there’s probably no point even trying.

9. Be loyal

My ninth tips is to be loyal. If you sail on the same cruise line regularly and build up loyalty status, you have a greater chance of being upgraded. It is the same as on Airlines, so if you are a gold card or platinum card holder you’re more like to be upgraded if upgrades are available. So if they’re looking, for example, because the cabins at a certain grade have been sold out and they’re looking to then upgrade people who’ve taken a guaranteed level, they might look at people who booked early but they’re also likely to look at loyal cruisers.

So there you are,that’s 9 tips on how you can get an upgrade. If you have any other tips love to hear them. I hope you found that helpful and if you did Id love it if you share this article you’ll get much more travel inspiration, advice and tips. For more travel tips click here.

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