Cruiselines: There Types And Facilities

Hi, I’m Arshit yadav and this is All About Travel, and this is another essential cruise tip. In this I’m going to tell you about the four main classes or categories of cruiselines.

So lets start first of all with the most affordable and work our way up to the most expensive.

1. Mainstream cruiselines

Well, mainstream cruise lines are the most affordable cruise lines that you can have, and they include cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises.

These are lines which will have the most affordable prices, and they target a lot of families,young people and they tend to have lots of resort-style ships.

2. Premium cruise lines

The next category above that is whats known as premium cruise lines. So premium cruise lines include things like Celebrity, Princess Cruises, Cunard are in here, Holland America.

So these cruiselines are generally more expensive than main stream cruise lines, although they will have a wide range of cabin types from inside cabins right up to Suites.

They will provide a slightly more premium experience. They will have generally a much more traditional cruising experience and they will have more kinds of bells and whistles and features.

3. Luxury cruise lines

So let me talk about the next level of cruiselines, and these are luxury cruise lines. Now luxury cruise lines tend to operate slightly smaller ships and they go to slightly more unique and different ports because they have slightly smaller ships than many of the premium lines.

So the cruise lines in here include things like Azamara Cruise Line, Oceania and Windstar and they offer a much more luxurious experience, slightly more inclusive but again they will have quite a wide range of different cabin types so again different prices and different entry points.

4. Ultra-luxury cruise lines

Now the most premium of all the cruise lines is ultra-luxury cruiselines. Sometimes they call themselves six-star cruiselines. So this will be cruise lines like Seabourn, Silver sea, Regent Seven Seas and Crystal. Many of them have all-suite ships. They may have butler service.

They have premium-branded toiletries, very personalized service and tend to be pretty all-inclusive where a lot of drink and many other features like that are included in the price. So there you have it, those are the four key types you have: mainstream, premium, luxury and ultra-luxury.

So hopefully that’s helped you think a little bit about the different type of Cruise Lines and what suits you. The way I tend to think of it often is mainstream cruise Lines will often sort of be equivalent to a three-star hotel,premium probably about a four star hotel, luxury five-star and then those ultra-luxury ships are you know five-star plus hotels – the very exclusive boutique type of hotels.

Well, hopefully that’s helped you understand the whole cruise industry a little bit better and given insight about the different classes of cruise lines. Id really love it if you like this article about types of cruises,and leave some comments and thoughts. But most important of all, please share this blog. Read more about cruise Click here. You can plan and book your cruise here. Thanks.

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